What’s Next for Adrian Marcel

Could Adrian Marcel be headed for the big screen? Recently he’s been teasing both Bay Area and nationwide fans alike, via his Instagram, that he is out in LA working on his acting debut. He’s being pretty tight lipped about the project so we can only speculate what the role could be. What we do know however, is that the movie is a short film entitled “What’s Next”.

It appears that veteran actor Brian Hooks (think the hilarious main character from “3 Strikes”) is also a part of the film. These two together should definitely solidify something dope. One thing for sure, if Adrian’s acting is anything like his smooth vocals, he’s well on his way to being a dual threat in the entertainment industry. Check out his latest post regarding the film and stay tuned to All Bay Music Magazine as we keep a close watch on what this home grown star is cooking up in Hollywood! @_CourtneyCherry


filming whats next

Ian Jackson
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