Kehlani claps back at The Game’s drunken Instagram post

The Game must of got a little too turnt at the club the other night. He sparked some drama with one of the Bay Area’s favorite artists, Kehlani, after talking about his large purchase of Apple Ciroc and his appreciation towards 50 Cent’s endorsed Effen Vodka.  He even went as far as to comparing Rihanna and Beyonce’s music, confessing his support for Tidal music and told Jay-Z if anyone deserves it, he deserves a verse from him.

Kehlani didn’t like his little sexual reference, and she decided to throw some shade back, playing off of the Game’s older age and the fact that he has never met her.  Now Kyrie Irving’s baby momma is trying to get in the beef by saying that Kehlani is some how the reason for Kyrie not visiting his baby daughter in months.

Regardless of the nonsense, The Game is being as out of pocket as he usually is and Kehlani is killing it over at south by southwest so I’m sure she isn’t putting to much energy into this shade.  Just shows that even people like The Game are mentioning Kehlani to get more attention because she has really been doing her thing this year. ~ @PlizzyPlizatt

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