The Raiders are staying in the Bay Area!

The Raiders withdrew from the relocation to L.A. that was planned in prior months.  This is exciting news for the Bay Area that takes pride in having the team based out of Oakland.  It is a staple team for us here and would be a devastating loss for a lot of fans.  The Raiders left before in 1982 and came back in 1994, now here to stay for the time being and potentially build a new stadium.  The league is granting $100 million dollars for a stadium if they can figure out a location.  Even though franchise owners were pushing for the move, the fans and city won their way and the Raiders will be staying as either the Rams or the Chargers takes the field in Ingleside.  The Raiders would have a hard time finding such loyal fans elsewhere.  Can’t forget the throwback Luniz slap from 09 “Oakland Raiders” Slap it and remember to check out the new issue featuring the lunar on the cover!  ~ @PlizzyPlizatt

Ian Jackson
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