Equipto’s movement to evict SF Mayor Ed Lee

Equipto was out and about last week and saw an opportunity to set the record straight with mayor Ed Lee. Equipto has been a major staple in SF culture through out his career and has always stayed true to his roots and his beliefs.  When mayor Ed Lee asks Equipto how his day is going, he doesn’t get a response he was expecting.  Equipto responds by telling him, “You are a disgrace to asians… you have no heart”, and then went on to speak on the mayor’s link to mobsters and his roll in the gentrification of SF.  Equipto hasn’t been in the headlines lately, but we all know he is one of the hip hop OGs from our area and has been more behind the scenes of the new socially aware movement coming out of SF.  His courage to make this video and fight against the people behind the gentrification of SF has turned a lot of heads to his corner.  Keep up with him on his twitter and instagram and let him know how you feel about this topic.  Since Equipto has spoke on the topic, Channel 4 news reached out to him to give us a more in-depth explanation for his assertive moves to evict Ed Lee.



Channel 4 coverage – evict Ed Lee movement.. Vote Amy Weiss !!! A video posted by Equipto (@equipto) on

Ian Jackson
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