Snoop Dogg and Dame Dash caught stealing

Sad day for Trapflix. The evidence came out that Snoop and his legal team went behind JT the Bigga Figga’s back and registered the Trapflix LLC in California without JT’s knowledge. Lucky for JT he never signed any documents!!! Rumor has it that Snoop Dogg is claiming he created TRAPFLIX, even though he was only a small part of the vision that JT set forth and grinded behind.  JT is telling people to contact him directly to do business and has publicly made it known he has bad blood with Snoop and Dame.  His Instagram was also hacked and taken down, so he is left to start over and rethink his plan for Trapflix.  JT isn’t going to give up that easy.  Go give him a follow on his new page if you haven’t already, @jtthebiggafigga

Ian Jackson
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