So for the past couple of weeks, we have been surronded by social media with this Drake Vs Meek Mill beef. Meek came at drake on twitter for not tweeting about his album, then bashed him for allegedly having a ghost writer (Quentin Miller).  Quetin Miller is credited on Six songs From “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”, but Meek is still calling him a ghost writer for the refernce track from R.I.C.O., which has some of the same bars from the final version on Meek Mill’s album. Drake latter responded with two diss tracks “Charged Up”,  and “Back To Back Freestyle”.  Twitter went crazy and started making memes clowning Meek Mill.  Meek Mill Kept his tweeting to a miniumum after he dropped his diss “Wanna Know” Prod. by Jahlil Beats.  The diss wass horrible for all the time he had not responding for a week then coming up with that trash. Cassidy wasnt even impresseed despite their past beef , in a  interview with VladTv. Drake later mocked Meek on instagram with laughing pick and by wearing a “Free Meek Mill” T-Shirt at The OVO Fest.

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