CyHi The Prynce Disses Kanye West, after getting dropped from Def Jam

CyHi is feeling some type of way after not getting the recognition he feels like he deserved on G.O.O.D. Music and decides to go bad on the other members in the label.  CyHi is currently still on the Def Jam Records website, however we received news that he was dropped from the label and his contract.

After laying in silence for so long, CyHi cracks and decides to release some pent up feelings on the label and label mates.  Even going as far as narrating killing Kanye and throwing him in the back of the car.

Well see if this gives him the recognition he’s been looking for or turn people away from his music.  Will Kanye even respond to his diss or will the label just shrug it off in midst of his small plays within the time of his contract.  Maybe we will have more diss tracks on the way, or maybe we won’t, it depends on Yeezy‘s view on the track and if he even wants to give CyHi his publicity.



~ Plizzy

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