Meek Mill Throwing Stones From A GLASS HOUSE | Rapper Lil George “I Got The Sauce” Song Ripped Off

Meek Mill are you throwing stones in a glass house? Reportedly he ripped off the 17-year old rapper Lil’ George, the prince of Prince of BMB Records. Lil George dropped his song, “I Got the Sauce,” back in October … and released a music video on social media in April. It wasn’t a huge mainstream hit, but he says it got a lot of underground hip-hop cred. It was sounding almost identical to Meek Mill’s “Juice” track and George fans weren’t too fond of it.

After Meek’s album dropped Lil’ George fans immediately started calling out Meek for ripping off George’s rhythm and hook. LG thinks it’s pretty ironic Meek’s calling out Drake — yet says he’s not upset about the songs. George said that he understood artists sometimes borrow from each other, he doesn’t even ask for payment for the use of his material, all he wants is some acknowledgment that “Sauce” inspired Meek’s “Juice” song … but it ain’t gonna happen. Meek’s rep says “there’s absolutely no rip-off, and Meek’s never even heard ‘Sauce.’”

Yeah, Ok!! But you be the judge, are the songs ironically identical?


Ian Jackson
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