“Hip-Hop gets a little gangsta sometimes” | Birdmans Take On Lil Wayne Tour Bus Shooting

“We been in this game for some time,” Birdman says. “But Hip Hop get gangsta sometime. You got to prepare for it when it come to you. If it come to you or come around you. This shit really gets violent sometimes. It’s Hip Hop. We chose this life. We in this shit and we got to be ready for it.”

Can we assume that him nor Young Thug (Rich Gang Artist) had anything to do with it? Either way in the month of April they both were accused of conspiring to kill former Cash Money artist Lil Wayne. Even though neither of them have been arrested on the assumption, it just seems a little funny.

Birdman has not only thrown drinks on Lil Wayne but now there has been a shooting towards his bus, maybe it’s a message or did it come from different sources. However, when questioned during the radio interview from yesterday he said that the accusations of him trying to kill Wayne were the “craziest shit” he’s ever heard.

He goes on to say that “I don’t know what they saying and what the reality is to that but if something happened to my son…I need to find out what’s poppin’ if you’re going to shoot a gun at my child,” says Birdman. “I got a problem with that. If you gonna bust a gun at Lil Wayne I got a problem with that. I don’t care who it is. We got a problem. Time will tell it all.”

So maybe he had nothing to do with it?? Birdman during the interview seems to be very protective over his kid. Although they have had some falling out, I feel as though he might not of been the one shooting bullets towards Wayne; and for whoever it was, you got a problem with Rich Gang artist Birdman, but that’s the least of your problems when it comes to how Young Money artist Lil Wayne may be taking it.



Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com