Too Short Chooses Jail Over Probation in DUI Case

Too Short chose to go jail time over probation in his DUI case, and the court granted his wish. According to TMZ, Short was sent to jail for 90 days today for violating a plea deal stemming from the 2013 arrest where he attempted to run away from police during a sobriety test, but didn’t get very far.

He faced one count of felony drug possession (cops suspected that he had meth) and driving under the influence. Short was able to reach a deal to have six of seven charges dropped in exchange for pleading no contest to DUI.

The agreement required the 49-year-old rapper, whose birth name is Todd Anthony Shaw, to complete community service, along with a three-year probation sentence. When he didn’t follow the rules, a judge reportedly allowed him more time to get the community service work done if he agreed to another three years of probation.

Since he refused, Short is currently behind bars, but as TMZ points out, he’s likely to be released much sooner due to overcrowding in L.A. County jails.

Ian Jackson
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