Amandla Steinberg And Kylie Jenner Beef | “If Black People Were As Cool As Black Culture”

Is it all uncalled for or is she making a valid point? After Kylie Jenner, youngest sister to Kim Kardashian West, poses on Her instagram with Her newly done cornrows Amandla Stenberg comes straight for the Jenner teen. In the comments of the picture posted Amandla accuses Jenner for cultural appropriation and after Her rant in the comments she says “#WhiteGirlsDoItBetter. ”

After the internet roared with opinions of Kylie’s hair Justin Bieber, Who also has a urban very edgy style, steps in and even that did little to nothing. Am I the only One Who feels as though Amandla is coming at this “Culture Respect” protest all wrong??

In my opinion, Amandla was correct for being upset with the Jenner teen for appropriating our culture, but failing to use her power to help Black America; HOWEVER Amandla Stenberg has taken Kylie’s fashion statement a bit too far. After her outspoken comment(s) on Jenner’s page were posted in the comments, of course, she doesn’t stop there.

FB_IMG_1436997817403 Amandla not only took to her to her personal account to rant but she now has made a viral video about the African American Hair Culture. At the end of her rant on instagram and her rant in the video she went as far as saying “Do Black Female Lives Matter Too?” She made a solid point where she pointed out Kylie’s flaw but I’m sorry Amandla you’ve lost me.

As a Black African American female I honestly feel as though we already are statistic to be angry and rude; we honestly have to approach touchy situations better than the example Amandla, a person in power, is giving us. Just because we, African American women, don’t receive real recognition and appreciation does not mean we have to prove “The Man” right. Amandla smashing Kylie Jenner all over the internet is not only wrong, but it’s been taken way too far.

Even though I’m on no ones side, Amandla would definitely have my support if she wasn’t using the internet for her rage and wrongful accusations to target another Woman, instead of trying to end the race war. Of course Kylie isn’t racist, so why is that being said? As we all know her NIECE is half Black & her sister is married to a African American Man; who is happily welcomed into their home and family. I totally understand the point she is trying to make, however disrespecting/bashing Kylie Jenner and anger is definitely not the way to get it!!!

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