Singer Ariana Grande Caught Licking Donuts

A video surfacing online on July 4 had shown Ariana Grande in a donut shop licking the product and stating “I hate Americans, I hate America,” but the singer won’t be charged thanks to the repeal Of the Sedition Act of 1918. She has not only apologized on twitter for her American diss, however she posted videos apologizing and saying her reason was because she “hates child obesity.” Good Save Grade!!

You think the donut shop would be mad, Right?  I barely believe that they were even bothered. They came out today saying they won’t be pressing charges either. How many young children would even mind eating a Ariana licked donut? Either way the situation goes, America accepts her apology and Ariana won’t be in jail or paying for her July 4 outburst.

Ian Jackson
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