Kylie Jenner Cornrows Racist??

Last night on watch What Happens Live Andy Cohen sends for Amandla Stenberg after she joins in the fire of comments stating that young 17 year old Kylie Jenner was racist. After Amanda Steinberg criticized the Jenner teen for Her cornrows as cultural appropriation the popular show host and his guest defended Kylie’s hairstyle.

FB_IMG_1436825582831 Is the internet and America taking her hair Style way too seriously?? After the internet sent for Kylie Jenner’s hair calling her racist Justin Bieber felt it was time for him to step in, but maybe that wasn’t even enough.

After a outraged Amanda comments on Kylie’s picture “@Novemberskyys when u appropriate Black features and culture but fail Toby’s ur position of power to help Black Americans by directing attention towards ur wigs instead of police brutality or racism #Whitegirldobetter.” Kylie and Justin Bieber threw shots back, oh Lets not forget outspoken Andy Cohen put in a few insults towards 16 year old hunger Games star too.

Comments like “But Who said cornrows belong to the African American culture???” have been surfacing to protect the KUWTK Star but Uh EVERYONE!! The now infamous hairstyle originates from the African Culture. What you guys should be asking is, if Kylie wearing and embracing our culture that serious?

Ian Jackson
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