Do It For The Gram 50 | Rapper Files For Bankruptcy

Mr. Jackson better known as 50 cent broke? In papers filed by the U. S. Bankruptcy Court in Hartford, Conn., 50 cents reported assets and debts each in the range of $10 million to $50 million. The papers were coincidentally filed right after the sextape lawsuit where a court jury ordered him to pay a woman $5 million.

received_864461390311111-1   I would say from the looks of his Instagram Curtis has a lot more than he is owning up to. 50 cent seems to not only be taunting Rick Ross’s baby Momma but is he also moving money off shore?? I can not believe my eyes, is 50 big money Business man not owning Up to his half of the court order??

received_864461416977775-1 His reps were not only contacted a few times by multiple websites but the court ordered attorney has also,  maybe they’re keeping quiet about this until the mess is all figured out?? Either way it goes the guy who act, raps, and promotes any product he’s paid to may not be all the smarts with dealing in lawsuit kind of business.

received_864461393644444-1 Curtis James Jackson III may or may not be fooling us all but you would never know he had financial issues if you followed his infamous Instagram feed. He has posted so many “flex for the gram” kind of pictures. I Mean can we blame him though?? If he is broke, he still has to keep up his big money image.

Ian Jackson
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