Chief Keef steps up to fight against violence after shootings

Chief Keef felt pushed over the edge after the deaths of Capo and baby Harris’ death and decides it’s time for him to take action against violence by supporting the Stop The Violence Now Foundation.

The death of Glo Gang associate Capo and a one-year-old baby over the weekend, Chicago, Illinois rapper Chief Keef has revealed his plans to hold a charity concert in his hometown to raise funds for the family of one-year-old Dillan Harris.

According to Pigeons & Planes, due towarrant concerns, Keef will perform at the concert via hologram. The rapper will be broadcasted to those in attendance in Chicago from a soundstage in Beverly Hills, California because Keef currently live in LA.

The concert will be free, but those attending will be encouraged to make a donation.

It was reported over the weekend that Capo was shot twice on Saturday, July 11.  Shortly after Capo’s death, Harris was killed when the shooters fled the scene, spraying bullets that hit the stroller the one-year-old was being carried in.

After hearing about both deaths, Chief Keef revealed that he was both “heartbroken and appalled,” while speaking with the Chicago Tribune. Chief Keef also shared his plans to create the Stop the Violence Now Foundation to help in preventing future acts of violence.  This is ironic because of Chief Keefs active portrayal of guns and violence in most of his music.  It will be interesting to see if his music will shed light on a different type of lifestyle and perspective in the future.

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