Rapper YG seems okay since hospital release from shooting incident

“Twist My Fingers,” which samples Malcolm McLaren’s 1982 classic “Buffalo Gals,” happens to be amongst the other 8 tracks previewed by YG with his good Friend and producer DJ Mustard behind the mixing boards. “Thematically, it’s an electric mix of good-time party tracks and moodier ones about surviving in the streets,  police brutality, and the stupidity of crossing YG,” wrote Billboard.

Strong as ever and anticipating his sophomore album YG is back at it in absolutely no time.  Just only a month after being shot Three Times despite the reports YG says he was only shot once.  The rapper said the same bullet had only made three bullet wounds.

After being asked does he know who did it YG only replies “I don’t know, and it don’t matter. I got lucky because a main arty is right around the groin. The bullet didn’t go that deep, and it didn’t hit any bones.” Super Man or YG?? Sticking to the script and being a strong surviver of gun violence against him, he not only keeps gangsta but he also is back to work the very next morning as if nothing even happened.

YG after being asked in many different ways, I assume, he insists that the gun Fire had not been gang related nor did he know where it all came from.  He was persistent with his knowledge of why it all happened. YG could just be invincible.



The night he was rushed to the hospital the rapper had millions of worried fans and a bunch of moral support surrounding him, but the “hard to kill” YG was almost immediately back in the studio the very next morning. He explained to Billboard how his mom wasn’t too fond of his choice to be right back in the studio working. But a little further into the conversation he says to billboard how “this shit don’t stop for nobody,” referring to the shooter and his bullet wounds. The rapper showing traits of a legend with his no sleep kind of attitude said he has “shit to do.”

The hard working rapper is dedicated to his fans and his music. Already back on his feet and walking YG is putting in som major work for his sophomore album, the follow Up to his critically acclaimed “My Krazy Life.” He may be in bandages but YG is still posting pictures reassuring his fans how nothing (not even some gun shots) can stop him.


Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com