10 Years ago Chris Brown dropped “Excuse Me Miss”

Chris Brown dropped “Excuse me miss” 10 years ago, and from this very video blasted on radio charts, MTV, and all music outlets around the world. It shows how much he has grown in ten years and also shows the timeless music he creates, no matter the controversy the press try to unveil about Breezy, when it comes down to talent and being a brilliant musician he will go down as one of the best dancing and R&B pop stars since Michael Jackson.


In terms of being a role model, we don’t get to see too many own up to there downfalls, and better themselves in the process. He hs kept a normal life, allowing normal women outside of the hollywood scene the opportunity to have a relationship with him, which was where he was not only blessed with a beautiful daughter, he also wasnt involved with her being born and could of did anything, but he owned up to the responsibility of a parent. Men all over the world have commited domestic violence, and large percentages of them fix their problems by empowering themselves to do better, and it’s obvious Chris Brown has been showing a rapid change, and hopefully for him the public can ease up on there bad perception of him.

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com