209’s Black Krown records at Poe Boy Records

All Bay Music Magazine held their first ever “All Bay Music Magazine Final 5 Area Codes Contest”, which was a race between 15 contestants per area code, in 6 area codes within the Bay Area, and 2 area codes in the surrounding areas. The area codes involved in the contest were #707 #415 #650 #408 #510 #925 #209 #916, all of which have a fan base of music listeners as well as break out artists who have created a good enough name for themselves to be able to make money in this tough industry.


The winners before the timer was reset due to overage in votes, was 209 area code’s Black Krown. Black Krown consists of two artists, Kane and Holiday.


The contest also had an additional winner, 209’s Christo, who will also get a studio session with Poe Boy Music Group.


The contest was the first of its kind… where we took a up and coming ct and showed them the insides of a maor entertainment label, they got too meet a host of different people who make up the label, and they were able to record two songs while down there. Check out some of the pics below!


Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com