Bruce Jenner turns into Caitlyn Jenner On Vanity Fair Cover

On a television special that nearly brought 17 million viewers Bruce Jenner spoke about her transformation into becoming a woman. Monday morning Vanity Fair released that same woman’s debut on the cover titled “Call Me Caitlyn.” Bruce Jenner before her transformation had won an Olympic gold medal in the decathlon, featured on the cover of play girl, played different roles in various movies, and most recently featured in the infamous Kardashian reality show empire.


The 65 year old man now woman has received above than the average public attention in her life. She not only is surrounded by her infamous Kardashian/Jenner daughters but her ex wife Kris Jenner has made quite the buzz also. Before the operation and coming out to even her family about her new transformation you could easily see through the family reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, that she previously had not been happy and in hiding of an extreme secret. Until only her family cornered her about the situation that she felt the need to tell the world about her true personality.


Caitlyn Jenner debuting as a woman was not only well organized but she made it a personal goal to become her own person. Even though she purposely spelled her name with a “C” Caitlyn Jenner was not dissing the Kardashians; she simply wanted to break free from the “Kardashian moniker.” Close Sources associated with Bruce have stated that she wants to make it evident to her family and the world that she is her own person; hints the spelling of “Caitlyn.” I read more into the story of Bruce Jenner’s new journey and Ms. Jenner & Team Caitlyn are carefully balance new public steps; her new twitter page and Vanity Fair article are the latest. Close after the release of the Vanity Fair “Call Me Caitlyn” article was posted only hours after was a Twitter under the name “Caitlyn Jenner” was created and in a matter of hours it gained 1.1 million new followers. Bruce Jenner becoming who she really is was not only super brave of her, but she additionally is such a strong WOMAN for coming out the shadows of Prada pumps with a matching clutch to go with it.


From a man that doesn’t understand evolved into a role model for fabulous women in disguise all around the world; Caitlyn Jenner stands out in any crowd. Nearly breaking the internet from memes to twitter post Caitlyn Jenner is nothing less of a new public icon. She not only set herself apart from her name but she also set it off by becoming a woman hotter than her ex; that’s peculiar but brave and outstanding way to have the last laugh after a divorce. Bruce Jenner, oops! Caityln Jenner has a Sweeeets “Stamp Of Approval!”

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of