DJ Vlad states that Kafani interview is the "Realest" interview he has ever done

Go to and check out the interview by DJ Vlad himself, very emotional interview done a little over a year ago. After the interview @DJVlad stated it was “the realest interview he has ever done” right into his post comments.

Kafani-DJ Vlad

After and broke the story last year, it included the story behind the beefs surrounding Philthy Rich, DB The General, and Kafani. DJ Vlad did a great job this interview, which in my opinion is the one many Bay Area Hip Hop heads dreaded, and found hard to watch.

For all of us locals… seeing the hardwork Kafani put in the secure his name as a heavyweight contender to this music game, it was hard to watch him go through this. Hopefully our industry can come together and help him with his campaign. The campaign is trying to secure 80,000 to secure a platform called “Rewalk Robotics”, which helps people paralyzed get up and walk robotically.

You can donate by going to:
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