Area Code Contest Winners

We want to give a huge shout out to all of the people that contributed and participated in this contest.  We were very proud of how hard all of these contestants grinded to push for a spot in the top 5 of their area code and top overall in the bay.  The support shown by the artists themselves to other artists was inspiring to see and we hope that it can transpire to future collaborations and features amongst artists in the bay area.

Our goal for this competition was to give back to the bay area hip hop community by providing an opportunity to get free promotion in our upcoming R.I.P. Jacka Issue, but soon became much larger than that when our business partner, Big Chuck (President of Poe Boy Music), offered to record a song with the contestant with the most votes at Poe Boy in Miami.

With that said, we saw that Christo and Black Krown were so dedicated to getting this opportunity, they went above and beyond in many ways to get as many votes as possible.  They blew the competition out of the water and both competed side by side under the same area code for the opportunity.  While still supporting each other, they dueled it out to the end and it became clear to us that we might have to take their lead and contact Big Chuck to see if we could include more than just one artist in the recording session.  He granted us permission and we are juiced to announce that we will have two overall contestant winners for this competition that will be flown out to Miami to take part in the recording session at Poe Boy Music Group.

Give it Up for the 5 top artists in each area code, and look out for them in the issue dropping soon.









Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of