Bobby Shmurda Reveals He Is In Protective Custody

Despite his current case, Bobby Shmurda phoned into Hot 97 this morning (February 26) from “The Tombs,” better known as New York’s Manhattan Detention Complex, to fill the Tri-State in on his ongoing legal situation.

The Brooklyn rapper revealed that he is currently in court-ordered protective custody, while fellow GS9 rapper Rowdy Rebel was taken into solitary confinement after a recent altercation with an inmate.

“The cops been out for me forever,” the “Hot Boy” rapper later expounded, before detailing what a cop told him on the night he was arrested. “They been trying to slay me for forever, but they never catch me with nothing. There might [have been] like four, five cops that night that had grabbed me. They told me, ‘Yo, I don’t want my kid listening to your music.’”

But before he even finished the statement, the phone call abruptly ended.

Meanwhile, this all comes as Shmurda’s attorney, Kenneth J. Montgomery, continues to put together another bail package. In a statement to REVOLT last week, Montgomery confirmed he is “still working on” a viable bail package as well as filing legal motions.

A $2 million bail arrangement, which was backed by Bobby’s “management associates,” was pulled on Feb. 5. However, Shmurda’s attorney hopes to have a package set before the rapper’s next court date.

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