Chris Brown and Tyga chop it up at HOT 97

To promote their upcoming Fan Of A Fan 2 album which drops Tuesday, Tyga and Chris Brown made their way by the Hot 97 studios on Friday evening and chopped it up with the station’s newcomer, Nessa Nitty.

After briefly talking about single girls and Karreuche, Nessa brought up the most anticipated topic, and that being the Drake beef. While Breezy did throw some shade by mocking Drake’s “soft spoken” voice (9:14 mark), he mainly expressed wanting to just keep it moving, and stop giving him (Drake) the publicity.

“We not getting no check about talking ‘bout dude [Drake]. We giving him a lot of pub. We us.” – Breezy

Later around the 22:00 mark, Kylie and the Amber rant was brought up. While Tyga seems to be straight and moving on, Breezy was adamant to let everyone know to stay out of everyone’s business. “Nobody should speak on nobody else’s situation.” – C.B.

Take note: that Breezy is on that Hennessy and appears to be feelin’ some type of way here, holding not too much back throughout the entire interview.

Lasting 27 minutes in length, the two also found time to talk about filming a movie together, Brown’s respect for Kanye West, Tyga’s reassurance to get off Cash Money, and much more. Check it out above.

Ian Jackson
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