Mistah Fab reflects on friendship with "The Jacka"

Mistah Fab is always at the forefront when news breaks, and his connectivity to the streets of Oakland, and the artists of the Bay Area, its natural that these two are close, as he was featured on Jacka’s most popular CD “Tear Gas”. Jacka’s verse in that song always moved me. Song is called “Callin my name”.


As a writer/hiphoper who grew up on the Jacka, and came up in my career within Jacka’s “Mob music” circle, we always tried to make Mob Music the Bay Area’s only scene, cause it defines our age, and our industry.


What we never wanted, was to lose our favorites, and have the Bay Area’s music legacy cherished from our beloved artists passing, this breaks the hearts of Bay Area Hip Hop fans. We are wounded internally. Artists like Mac Dre, The Jacka, have been two influential artists who have impacted our way of life.

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com