The Justin Bieber Saga

19-year old Justin Bieber was arrested on Thursday for allegedly drag racing and Driving Under the Influence on the 2600 block of Pine Tree Drive in Miami Beach, Florida.

Police reports state that an officer driving in the opposite direction observed two vehicles, one of which was a Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Spyder that Justin was driving and a Ferrari 16M, driven by Bieber’s friend, Khalil, reaching speeds between 55 and 60 MPH.

Cops say they noticed the “drag race” and they made a U-turn to chase the cars 15 blocks down the residential area. They claim that two SUV’s from Justin’s camp actually blocked off traffic to clear the path for the two vehicles racing.

It is questionable how it was claimed that the race cars speeding through a mere 15 blocks reached ONLY 60 MPH.

It was also learned that the cars that Justin and Khalil rented have speed-tracking GPS devices. Both cars were clocked at 27 MPH in the middle of the so-called “drag race.”

Miami police claim that Bieber reeked of alcohol when he was stopped and at the police department. Justin insisted that he was NOT DRUNK but cops say that he did not pass his sobriety test.

Sources have mentioned that the Miami Beach Police Department has had credibility issues in the past.

Latest reports reveal that JB’s blood alcohol level was almost ZERO at 0.014, while rapper Khalil’s was actually ZERO, too.

The only issue left is Miami police claiming that both young lads failed the sobriety tests, so urinalysis results that are soon to come out would indicate if they were on drugs at the time of their arrest.

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