Ex-NBA player, Javaris Crittenton, arrested in ATL sting operation with Cocaine and Marijuana

EX- NBA player Javaris Crittenton was arrested last week during an undercover sting that caught 20 suspects. Crittenton was connected to a suspected drug cartel that has been operation since 2012. The NBA player was out on bond awaiting trial for murder of Atlanta woman in 2011, attempted to move 400 Kilos of Cocaine & 10 pounds of marijuana.


Crittenton and his cousin, Douglas Gamble face 12 indictment charges in participation in criminal street gang activity and the attempted murder of a man in August 2011. The same bullet intended for retaliation against gang member killed an innocent Atlanta woman, Julian Jones.

Julian Jones

Javaris Crittenton played for the Washington Wizards and was first round pick.  The NBA player is also facing murder charges for Julian Jones, mother of four in 2011. Julian Jones’ mother filed a civil complaint against Crittenton Friday, hoping to provide for the four surviving children of her daughter.

Julian Jones’ mother’s attorney released the statement below:

“It’s terribly unlikely he’ll have assets to satisfy the complaint,” wrongful death attorney Roger Orlando told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution by phone Friday morning. “There are four beautiful children that need help. If we can recover anything, it will help those children.”

TMZ reported:

Disgraced NBA player Javaris Crittenton was part of a MASSIVE drug ring — that was hoping to move 400 KILOS of cocaine and 10 POUNDS of weed … this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ Sports.

We broke the story … the former Washington Wizards player was arrested in Atlanta last week during a sting operation that netted 20 suspects … some with stereotypical drug cartel nicknames like “Crutch,” “Chop” and “Carlito.”

FYI — 400 kilos is roughly 881 pounds. That’s A LOT of blow.

Officials say the drug ring has been operating since at least 2012.


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