Rihanna and Teyana Taylor get in a cat fight

Rihanna and Teyana Taylor got into some beef recently after RiRi posted an instagram video of her hairstylist dressed like Teyana Taylor singing Anita Baker’s “Caught In The Rapture”.  Teyana Taylor had posted her singing the song previously and there was no doubt that it was a jab at her from RiRi.  Teyana took to twitter going back and forth with Rihanna, she did respond however indirectly by posting a tweet that said, “I hate broke bitches” and changing her username to her net worth and Teyana’s net worth side by side.  Later Rihanna deleted her tweets and Teyana was saying how she is fake for not tagging her directly and deleting her tweets after.

Rihanna’s instagram recently got two teenagers in jail because she exploited them gaining her access to an endangered species of Loris.  The two teenagers will get two years of jail and a fine.

Check out the insta video and tweets below.






Ian Jackson
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