Gucci Mane admits addiction and apologizes

Gucci Mane has been the talk of the town lately, however not in a good way.  Gucci Mane is currently incarcerated because of his recent possession of Marijuana and concealed gun charge.  Before getting incarcerated, Gucci went on a long Twitter rant talking smack on Brick Squad and just about everyone else surrounding him.  Today (September 22nd) Gucci Mane responds to his actions apologizing to fans and other business partners via Twitter.

Admitting that he has been addicted to lean for a long time now and that he can’t even remember half of the things he did to end up where he is today.  Gucci then admitted he thinks rehab is a good idea for his situation and that he needs as much support as he can get right now.  Check out his apologies below and also check out his most recent album released right after the twitter rants and before his incarceration, Diary of A Trap God.

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