Gucci Man is self destructing

Gucci Mane‘s twitter tirade ended by Gucci claiming he was hacked, but Waka Flocka sets the record straight with Hot 97 in an interview. Waka touches on the whole

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Gucci rant and said, “How do you believe this lying ass nigga”. Waka said none of his claims were true, which is ironic because Gucci kept saying, “Ask Waka” in his tweets aimed at having sex with Nicki Minaj and Tyga’s girl too. Waka said he told him not to blame it on a hacker even before those claims of getting hacked. On top of setting the record straight, Waka goes on to say Gucci Mane doesn’t even have a house and “lives in the studio” and that he wants to “catch him”. The tweets caused Gucci to be dropped from Atlanta records.

Now Gucci Mane is getting in trouble with the law, being arrested this morning (September 14). The rapper was charged with disorderly conduct, carrying a concealed weapon, and possession of marijuana. According to TMZ one of Gucci’s friends waved down the cops because Gucci was acting so out of hand. When police tried to handle the situation Gucci blew up and was threatening the cops. The cops took him into custody and then brought him straight to the hospital to get checked out. Could all this crazy behavior be caused from drugs that are altering his mind? We will see how this case pans out soon.

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Interview with Waka Flocka on Hot 97

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