Jay Z's Bodyguard gets tazed to death after harassing people nude

Norman Oosterbroek, a highly regarded body guard within the famous community, was tasered to death on September 2nd in Pinecrest Florida.  Norman Oosterbroek has worked with many stars such as; Drake, Kanye West, Jay Z, Lady Gaga, and more.  He gained respect through starting his own security business in 2006 located in New York , RAD Security, and keeping confidential agreements solid with clients.  Norman was caught by the Police harassing his neighbors naked and for using substances while doing so.

Norman has been working for Jay Z and Beyonce and has gained Jay Z’s respect many times.  Their is video of Norma at a Jay Z concert protecting Jay Z from a crazed fan and throwing him off the stage.   Norman has been trying to kick an addiction to drugs for a while now and that is the main suspect to why Norman was acting so out of character on Monday night.  Details to this story are slim and baffle Jay Z and Beyonce as well as most of us.  Norman Oosterbroak must have had a loopy night to have ended up naked pounding on a neighbors door as well as assaulting a resident that caused police to act.  The bodyguard is over 6 feet tall and is considered a giant by most, so police acted with force considering he was dangerous, tazing him to his death.  It has been the second death this year that Miami cops have inflicted upon aggressive people.

Norman did not deserve to die that night even though he was acting so crazy.  There will be more revealed about this after more investigation is done.


Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com