Nelly releases album art to buy some time for finishing up his new album

Nelly has been pushing back his release date for his upcoming album since June, but you can’t blame him for being caught up in his other rolls as an entrepreneur, investor, and actor.  Nelly has been slowly pushing back the album from June to the end of September and now who knows how long it will be.

Nelly has since released a single “Get Like Me” that features Nicki Minaj and Pharell complete with a music video that is presented by Colin Tilley.  The single is a hot release and has potential to be another award winner for him.  This is the latest we have from Nelly since his mixtape Scorpio Season.

The album art was also recently released too for the album but it is taking the needed steps to near the actually album release.


Nelly has been busy with his part in Reach Me directed by John Herzfeld starring the notorious Sylvester Stallone as well as Terry Crews and Kelsey Grammar.  The film has recently turned to kickstart to come up with money to finish the film.

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