Is Lupe Fiasco really working with drug king pins?

Lupe Fiasco might not be the clean cut guy he plays out to be through his music.  Recently a connection has been made between Lupe Fiasco and Charles Patton, an Olympia Fields music producer who in the recent years has been under investigation of being a drug king pin.  Lupe is being charged with hiding millions of dollars within his revenue to keep the income of Charles Patton hidden from his wife Inita Patton who is currently serving a 44 year sentence due to a storage unit that was filled with heroine and is filing for divorce.

Lupe Fiasco is known for his preaching like ways and sending messages through his music about how the world needs to change, however he might not be practicing what he is preaching.  Close ties with Charles Patton and his booming music career are definitely something to be looked at because the money could be hidden in numerous accounts.  As far as having connection with the drugs, Lupe Fiasco is only accused of hiding money but time will tell if Lupe Fiasco is an aid in this transgression.  TMZ reports Lupe of responding by saying, “There are no secret accounts and no illicit instructions.” and his lawyer backed him up and said, “the allegations are false and will be proved so in court.”.  This could hurt Lupe’s credibility if all goes south but lets hope the conniving drug ridden wife is the one who is wrong.  The investigation will serve an answer that will be released in the next months.

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of