Messy Marv gets pictures of him knocked out uploaded to his own twitter

Messy Marv got punked today in Reno by a group of people that jumped him and took his phone, clothes, and dignity.  After taking his belongings which include a clean pair of Nike Airs, iPhone 5, bloodied up jeans, wallet, and his watch.  The aggressors haven’t been identified or even searched for at this point.




The people that jumped him then posted pictures of Messy Marv bloodied up with blood coming from his mouth and his eyes shut close as if he were fast asleep.  Messy Marv was scheduled to have a show at the Knitting Factory Concert House tonight in Reno but I’m not sure if that is still going to happen after this mess.  The posts keep coming on @LilPaperdUpMess, you can see for yourself what they are saying on his own page!







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