Lil Wayne calling a delay on "Dedication 5" at the last minute.

lil Wayne was supposed to be releasing his newest album today (Aug, 30th) at 5 O’clock, however he calls a delay at the last minute.  The delay was because Lil Wayne wanted to go through the songs and make sure they are up to his level of production, as well as add a new song.  These final touches could take until later in the day, until tomorrow, or even till next week.  Mack Maine, the president of Young Money, tweeted “Delayed for a few hours not days and weeks”.

It has been a few hours since the information about the delay was released on the young money website but we’ll be waiting anticipating some further news on the release.  Delaying album releases has been a very popular thing lately and Lil Wayne is known for pushing back releases a couple weeks if not more before.  Hopefully Mack Maine is right and the album is released tonight! For now we are stuck staring at this cover art.


Ian Jackson
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