"Trip2Krazy officially releases hit new single "Dog Food" Featuring EZ MAC

Trip2Krazy’s new single “Dog Food” campaign hits across the World Wide Web witnesses a gala time for people.

Trip2Krazy, a Miami based rapper released his latest single “Dog Food” featuring EZ Mac. Setting up an incredible 2013, the latest single by Trip2Krazy is driving the nation crazy with awesome music. The campaign featuring EZ MAC is taking the record nationwide with impressive 38 Hot Records. Blended with the music of award winning DJ Smokey Bear, a buzz of activity among the people of Florida.

Outré music, Trip2Krazy has certainly dipped his hands in quite a few ventures of music with new heights being touched. Trip2Krazy, a firm name in rap industry has been running a studio for about 7 years. To give his music career a jump start they got on-board with Wingstop Franchise a year ago. The awe-inspiring connection with DJ Smokey Bear of Poe Boy Music Group and Big Chuck (President of Poe Boy Music Group) bénéfice `next level promotion among the masses and assured heights of fan-following.

The new single “Dog Food” campaign features a blend of polished and raw-edged music sense aptly combined with lyrics. It belongs to genre of hip hop music, fusing conventional rhythmic music with rapping. The two distinctive aspects of this campaign are Rapping or MCing.

People are enjoying the work of the duo, Trip2Krazy, EZ Mac, people have no reason not to love the campaign when the duo is there! The new single “Dog Food” conceptualizes music with new heights. Trip2Krazy in Miami, Florida. With the release of new single “Dog Food” over the internet, Trip2Krazy has unveiled new standards in the hip hop music industry and is ready to grab the attention of the audience.

As of now Trip2Krazy is focused to promote the new single “Dog Food” featuring Ez Mac. Presently dedicated to finish street mix tape “ELBOWS N KILO” with the recording being in sync. Forth with franchise building with 38 Hot Records and other business ventures, Trip2crazy’s present concern. With a message to the target crowd, Trip2Krazy quotes, “The game will be endured for more than ten summers with more and more dope rap music”.

With an official release of new single “Dog Food” featuring Ez Mac, Trip2Krazy presents awesome music with versatile lyrics. The signature campaign so released evidently proves  a hip star of today and decades to come, providing entertainment solutions to the world.

As quoted by DJ Smokey Bear

“Trip2Krazy is on the rise in the music industry throughout Miami, He is a very hungry artist and I see him making a big impact in the music scene”

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Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com