Too Short Collaborating with Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga announced at the VMA‘s last night that her new album “ARTPOP” will be featuring rappers and she would only leak Too Short‘s name to MTV News’ Sway on the red carpet.  Sway was stoked to hear that fellow Oakland artist will be featured on her new album that is releasing on November 11nth.

Too Short confirmed the rumors today saying he knew her DJ, DJ White Shadow, got back from traveling recently and White Shadow hit him up saying, “There’s a song that Lady Gaga’s doing that possibly they would want to get you on” and Too Short’s response was, “shit I’m down with it!”.  He went on to tell MTV, “I figure on her end it’s great to work with the classics or the legends and on my end just it’s great to work with one of the hottest artists on the planet. It’s a big fucking deal.”.

The song they are getting on is supposed to be released through a live performance that Too Short himself will be a part of.  It should be a very interesting mix and it will be good for Too Short because he hasn’t been to active lately in hip hop news.

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of