Can Funkmaster Flex Solve The Riddle?

Nicki Minaj has been confronted with some serious questions this last week after DJ Khaled proposed to her on MTV and the Twerk It music video release.  Funkmaster Flex interviews Nicki Minaj on Hot 97, asking her how she interprets the proposal of DJ Khaled.  Nicki responds by saying, “I was shocked like the rest of the world and I was cracking up with the rest of the world.”.  She explains that DJ Khaled is a hype man and it is his job to stir up some interest for the new project “Suffering For Success”.  She also explained that DJ Kahled viewed it as an “extension of the project” as well as a trailer to “give the world a glimpse of the feeling of the new record”.

Funkmaster Flex also brought up the topic of Drake leaving YCMB.  Nicki Minaj responds with a very unclear answer.

“Peoples’ perception of their reality is their perception of their reality,” Minaj said. “Sometimes people make moves based on their perception of what reality is. I know that sounds like a riddle, but maybe one day you’ll be able to unravel that one. All I can say is this, Lil Wayne is everything to me. I can’t speak for anyone else. What Young Money and Cash Money did for Nicki Minaj, I can never repay them for. So, I am forever indebted to them. Whatever happens with any other artist, I don’t know.”

“Drake is so talented,” she continued. “Sometimes, we’ve seen this. Sometimes when you’re really intelligent and you’re really talented, you also think a lot. Sometimes your mind is racing with thoughts. It is what it is. People go through their own motions and you’ve gotta respect it and keep it moving. We all love the team. We all love Wayne. That’s what’s gonna always hold us together. Drake is my baby because that’s how it was when we came in. So whenever I think of him, ‘That’s my baby.’ Whatever is going on now, obviously we’re all very busy and you know, shit happens. It gets a little hard to have a real connection when people are on different sides of the world, working on different things. You just never know who people got in their ear or what they’re feeling or maybe they felt wronged in some way. I don’t know. I just know that Drake is my baby and Wayne is my everything.”

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of