Yo Gotti behind the scenes video in Vallejo with J Diggs and Mac Mall

Yup its official, as J Diggs put it… Yo Gotti “tapped in with some real niggas”, and “there will not be any 2Chainz business going on around here today”, as he stands in the middle of his neighborhood in Vallejo, which he quotes as “one of the most dangerous cities in America”.

Its cool to see J Diggs stick up for the Bay Area, and the people who represent it, as controversy has definitely plagued the Bay Area, with many talking about the safety of out of town artists coming to the Bay Area since the recent 2Chainz robbery. J Diggs make it obviously clear that if your an industry rapper who makes music about that street life and you go to another city, its good to tap in with artists like J Diggs, who is a respected figure in the streets, and in the hip hop community. The video that took place throughout the Bay Area, had people all over the place, and Yo Gotti definately made his rounds with no friction whatsoever, seems like he had a good time if anything.

J Diggs can be seen with Mac Mall and a host of people in his neighborhood crest alongside Yo Gotti, among those also who can be seen is Celebrity Photographer D Ray, a known Thizz affiliate, who has shot everyone in the industry, even Cash Money artists Lil Wayne and Drake. See the video below!

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com