Bay Area Rapper AG Cubano shoots music video with Gunplay in Miami

Those of you who know AG Cubano, might know him for his Demolition Man Mixtape “Feet to the Street”, or the song and music video “Here I Go Again”, starring East Oakland Livewire Rappers Stevie Joe and Philthy Rich.

That was the start of a great career. He then relocated to Miami, and rumors started buzzing that signed to Maybach Music Group. Well it wasn’t a question anymore, when he was seen walking around with this heavy MMG/MML Chain on, it wasnt a rumor, he is a artist on the label.

blogger-image--2014361280It went even further, not only did he release a successful mixtape “Power Trippin”, which was his first release co-signed by the Maybach Music Group and Maybach Latino Empire. In short, they really put on for AG Cubano, and the story continues.

Now AG Cubano is working on his next project, and is releasing a new single and video called “Double Up” starring Def Jam Artist Gunplay, who is also on Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Imprint, and a member of Rick Ross’s group, the Triple C’s. THe video was shot by Maybach Films/Dre Films.


Check out the pictures from the video shoot, AG Cubano has everyone in the Miami Underground, from popular make up artist Nina, from Nina’s Make Up, to Maybach Music Group people, to even well known Miami Models like Stephanie Rao and Damarisa Lopez. Not too mention it seems like they got a bunch of footage, look at the pictures below!!

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