Tupac Shakur crime scene reenacted

Tupac Shakur’s crime scene reenactment takes you through the events that led up to Tupac’s shooting, the moments before he got shot, the last moments of him fighting for his life in the hospital, and the very moments of his death.

The video releases information about the investigation, how LVPD didn’t work hard to find his killers, and how all the witnesses ended up dead. In this video you have real life statements from detectives, Suge Knight, and people apart of the crime scene investigation unit.


The video has you on the edge of your seat based on how the story is told, and literally the whole incident is reenacted, it really shines a light into the tragic event. This is a two part video, both of which are below.

Tupac Shakur Crime Scene Video – Part One

Tupac Shakur Crime Scene Video – Part Two

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