West Coast Rappers Kool John, Mac Mall, Jay Ant, and 40 Glocc share there thoughts on new "Yeezus" release

With all the talks of Kanye West, his new daughter being born, all the publicity stunts, as well as the comments from media about Kanye’s recent release “Yeezus”, which bears no album artwork, we have been digging around to find the thoughts of some of Kanye’s fellow artists. So we searched around and hit up some local figures to catch there vibe.


I guess Bay Area Rapper and Shmoplife Founder Kool John has nice things to say, yet with a bit of disinterest for the fact that there was no album artwork, maybe Kanye didnt want you to judge his music by the artwork of it all??


Rapper and Songwriter Jay Ant hit home for me, I agree I like the trying of new stuff, and based on my generation, a lot of the techno used in his album is definately some heavy trance and acid music, a lot of which could b considered as Electro Trap music, which is actually very popular right now. Lots of people are saying its becoming even more popular than rap music!!


Thizz Boss Mac Mall comments with us on the Yeezy album, claiming Kanye has got a little Emo for his taste, and being that were talking Mac Mall, a tale of two Mac’s rapper definately makes a good point. Seems like we are seeing a way different artist than the breakthrough “Jesus Walks”, so Id have to agree, Kanye has gotten pretty dark with his image and his overall presentation with his music.


If we all know 40 Glocc, we all know he won’t bite his lip about the talks of rapper releases, and obviously he has disinterest in the album title of Yeezy’s new album titled “yeezus”. The known crip went further to downtalk the rapper posting a picture of him suited as a full blood, with a Cash Money shirt on…seems like he is also taking shots at the YMCMB Family, claiming that Kanye isnt Jesus just like YMCMB aint no bloods?


Well regardless if you can say the least, some people are feeling Kanye’s new moves, and others are a bit moved back on all the publicity stunts to push the new project. Some think we just need to slap Tupac, Spice 1, and E40 and everything will be okay!


I don’t have an opinion, as a music fan I am just watching, but comparing J Cole and Mac Millers releases to that of Mr Kanye West, I have virtually not heard anything about the other two album, minus the fact that everyone claims “Born Sinner” is an instant Hip Hop classic.

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com

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