Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Cast Exposed

The viewers of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta may be alarmed to know the latest rumors pertaining to one of the cast. Joseline Hernandez and her drama has been a staple of the show since its start. The self-titled “Puerto Rican princess” has been the show’s breakout star, garnering the spotlight with her gorgeous looks, her drive to get ahead, and the drama surrounding her affair and subsequent relationship with hip hop producer Stevie J.

The fans of the show as well as Joseline Hernandez are familiar with her past. Joseline Hernandez ran away from home when she was just 15 and was working as a stripper when she met Stevie who rescued her from the club and started working with her on developing a hip hop career. It’s no surprise to Stevie or his ex Mimi that Stevie has a soft spot for saving vulnerable women. Later in the show, while Stevie and Joseline Hernandez were going too strong, Benzino was alleged to have stated that he slept with Joseline Hernandez, which was just contested but not disproven.

However, with the recent rumors swirling, Joseline Hernandez may be more vulnerable than she has never been before. Allegedly Joseline Hernandez used a fake Id to strip in clubs when she was just fifteen, but she was soon found out and fired. She then met a pimp named Ray who was working with Atlanta and she also started working with him. She lived in a house with all other working women and Ray would sleep with all of them.

Ray died almost six years ago of AIDS. Now his family is concerned and calling for Joseline Hernandez to get tested. If she is positive for the virus, she may have infected Steve J, who in turn may have infected Mimi and who ever else he was sleeping with on the other side. Joseline Hernandez has stated on the show that they don’t always use condoms while having sex, so if she did infact contract the illness, there was a need at that time for Stevie to have himself got tested.

Whether Joseline Hernandez and Benzino ever did sleep together is not yet known. But if anything is constant on Love and Hip hop Atlanta, its shadiness and cheating. It is only Joseline Hernandez as well as Benzino who know what the actual truth is.

So Benzino, if you are out there and you were telling the truth, just get yourself tested. If that’s the case, the scandal is only getting started.


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