“Young King”- Jacka x Saleem

Release Date: 08/31/2020

Fcked off anotha plug, Late into the night… about to grab some more drugs, gotta ta be more to life; eventually I saw it was.”

“Young King”

~Jacka x Saleem

Young King,” produced by Lev Berlak, of the Grill Studios; is an animated video of the late rapper Jacka and Saleem; who was featured on the original International Blunt Funk Compilation Album in 1997. He gives listeners and fans original, comedic Blunt Funk-isms.




“International Blunt Funk 2.”


ALBUM Available Now On All Major Platforms.

Young King,” not only visually came with the cartoon anime feel, but fans were also able to hear one of Jacka’s new/unreleased songs.

It’s very clear that the Jacka’s memory and legacy will always keep growing and flowing with the times.




Tee Stone