When Sh** Get Real – Seminary Tiff

“I never been a weak b****… I could see b****… Pull a heat quick and let it leak all in yo street b****… showin b**** no sympathy…”

~When Sh** Get Real~

Seminary Tiff


When Sh** Get Real latest visual by Seminary Tiff is fire. Lyrically, she is setting the tone for female rappers in the game. Not only is she reppin her hood to the fullest and calling out all the fakes, phonies and snitches, but she has dope content that’s relatable, across the board. Video is shot in Oakland on Seminary by Toxik Films and Directed by TRVYPYFILMS.


You can follow her on instagram @_iamseminarytiff you can also subscribe to her YouTube channel at Seminary Tiff.


Check Out the new video “When Sh** Get Real” below;

Tee Stone