SkinnyT – Seminary

“I said I’m worried that my family might be losing me, but we gon make it out the trenches if we get this opportunity “
-Skinny T

FOD’s camp is starting to move like Camron’s
& Jim Jones, Diplomats. A very eclectic group of real spitta’s, who aren’t lying about their lyrics… Up comes SKINNY-T. He’s buzzin’ real big in the industry now. He has a “Blueface” type swag, and his delivery is velvet smooth.

On song’s like the aforementioned “Seminary,” Skinny T, lyrically paints a story using the microphone as his brush.

Check out his artistry on all digital platforms and social media outlets.

IG: @skinnytfod
YT: Skinny T

That said, I’ll step back the same was I came,

Forever Solid/Unbroken
-Written in Stone

Stone Ramsey
COO of AllBaymusic
COO of All Bay Music Magazine