Takedabag Wilson – Jungle

“King Wilson, I grind and hustle errday… in the jungle… Guerilla, wit da trigger play.”

Takedabag Wilson

Man….. no cap, this dude is a STAR in the making. He has the young energy, charisma and the lyrical arsenal, of a seasoned veteran .

I actually sat down with Takedabag, and we chopped it up. I mean, I really wanted to meet the ARTIST behind the hit single, “Jungle.” In this entertaining visual/video, Takedabag, donned the guise of Rambo and proceeded to, smash through the carbon copy, money, hoes, and clothes, lineup; that’s  typical of a rap video.

“Jungle”, is so slapping and entertaining, I watched it over and over…. even my nephew was over my shoulders watching. Immediately, he started dancing….. Video was shot by Star Quality Ent and produced by Davv.

Check Out the New Video Below:



Takedabag Wilson is OFFICIAL!!!

That said; I’ll step back, the same way I came.

Forever Solid/Unbroken

-Written In Stone

You can follow him on IG: @takedabagwilson, Facebook: Take Wilson and YouTube: Take Da Bag Wilson.

Stone Ramsey
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