“High” – Shady Nate x Bruce Banna x Mazerati Ricky ft. Lil Rue

Hi tech.  mix it wit tha sprite… Moon rock, just to get me right… I ain’t f**** with tha b****, I’m gettin High tonight…Bout to pop another perc, I’m bout to fly tonight.”


~Bruce Banna~

The visual for “High;” track off the International Blunt Funk 2 album features Shady Nate, Bruce Banna, Mazerati Ricky and Lil Rue that just dropped October 6th and it looks like scenes out of a movie. “High” was shot and directed by 916Visionary and Sues Scenes.


The setting was in a large suite at the Hyatt Regency in Sacramento, Ca. Smoke filled the air and cannabis lit everywhere. You received a double dose of “High” with clips of the unforgettable scenes of Smokey, from the movie “Friday,” taking a long hit of a blunt.



The heat that was felt in that room was like what happens when you strike a match.., Str8 fire. The lighting and the laidback setting called for some sexy, feminine energy and none other than All Bay’s Top Model Winner; the sexy and lovely @loveprincesstee gave it to us in a very tasteful way. S/O to @loveprincesstee for her stellar performance.


Theses talented Artists have a chemistry and energy that you can feel and it works in their favor because there’s nothing like watching a group of Artists who actually can work together cohesively and creatively. It’s magical.

You can watch the full video below and make sure to go and follow @ramseyentertainment @realshadynate @ballhard_banna @mazeratiricky @ruegar



Also check out Shady Nate x Mazerati Ricky x Bruce Banna latest album; “Deaf, Dumd and Blind.”


Deaf, Dumb, and Blind ft. Bruce Banna, Shady Nate & Mazerati Ricky


Available Now… International Blunt Funk 2 album produced by Stone Ramsey




Tee Stone