Designer Smoke – Toohda Band$

If you die a broke ni99a, wont nobody miss you…”
-The Truth
Toohda Band$

The Truth,” was directed by, Visuals by Kyles and produced  by Tyrese Johnson. In this visual, Toohda Band$ speaks his mind with no effort and calls out the fakes and makes it clear that he lives what he raps about.

This talented young man, in the core of the Philthy Rich’s new legion of lyricists, FOD (Funk or Die) ENT; is putting up numbers in the rap game !!! Easily eclipsing 75k views in less than a year, on -The Truth.

The Truth of the matter, is Toohda Band$ is best kept secret in the Bay Area right now.

On his latest street anthem, “Designer Smoke” he delivers:

You bitches worried bout some lashes,you need to be worried bout some soap, you in yo feelings bout a bitch, you must been smoking coke!”

Designer Smoke,” was directed by Trap Butters , with production contributed by Tyrese Johnson.

Toodah Band$ is in a lane of his own, now jet fueled by the, high powered FOD camp, the sky is the limit…

That said, I’ll step back the same way I came,

Forever Solid/Unbroken
-Written in Stone

Follow Toodah Band$ on IG: @toohdabands62

Upcoming Album Droppin 5/9

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