Jaylee – Shady Love


“Baby lied and maybe I da foo, but my favorite line was baby I love you…”
“Shady Love”
~ TBaby Jaylee

TBaby-Jaylee is a Knoxville, Tennessee native, who was discovered by none other than Stone Ramsey some years ago and the rest is history. Not only does he have that voice that can wooo anyone, but he also has the looks to match.

Shady Love” is the first song that was released 04/23/2020, on the upcoming album; “International Blunt Funk 2” Although it tugs at your heart strings, the appeal and sexy tone of this rising-star, makes his sound velvet and unique, otherwise soothing to your ears. It’ll have you thinking twice about what a break up song should sound like or make you feel. This is a song that everyone around the world can identify with. Every hit song that was great, has always been a song that people can connect with and “Shady Love,” guaranteed is a hit.

In this ballad, TBaby-Jaylee talks about being fed up with the love of his life because he has come to the discovery that the love is “shady” and he’s ready to move on. This song was produced by Breed @breedsworld, Lev Berlak @thegrillstudios, and Stone Ramsey @ramseyentertainment. The song was co-written by Stanley “Mistah Fab” Cox @fabbydavisjr and Stone Ramsey, who is also the producer of the album “International Blunt Funk 2”.

There’s no limit as to what this artist can achieve teaming up with one of the best in the industry; all we can do is wait and see what’s coming next. One thing, I can say that it’s going to be a stellar album.

Shady Love” is available on all major platforms and is released through Empire Distribution.

Tee Stone