Franciis Neptune – Act One Scene Two

Franciis Neptune

Franciis Neptune or Jonathan Hardin is a the musical sensation out of New

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Jersey. This is the first single off of the Hood Symphony Album placed to come out late 2013 early 2014. The song is a fast paced tempo that is ready to make you get free as soon as the bass drops. This Hip-Hop artist brings to us a rule breaking sound without rappers and just focuses on the beat on this track. To compare FranciisNeptune’s magical sound would be to say taking Daft Punk, Flying Lotus, AraabMuzik, and The Gorrilaz and mash them into one bill. This mysterious producer has yet to show us the full what the Hood Symphony album which is a score to a fictional theatrical broadway play. You can only be intrigued on what is coming next from Franciis Neptune.

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